What are the conditions for opening a savings account?

All individual customers who are of legal age and whose residence is within the Bank's field of activity can open a deposit account. To open a savings account, you can apply to our Branches with a copy of your identity card and a copy of your CIPS residence.

How can I find out about your current interest rates?

You can learn about our deposit interest rates on our website or from the nearest branch of our Bank.

How to open a current account for minors?

Minors under the age of 18 can open an account in their own name in the presence of a legal representative. In this case, while the account holder is a minor; transactions, rights and obligations depend on the representative. representative,
- Parent,
- Guardian
- Guardianship institution
All contracts and other documents are signed by the representative. If a minor over the age of 15 has concluded an employment contract with an employer, he or she can conclude an account opening contract by presenting the employment contract and documents that need to be identified in order to be able to use the earned amount. from the work specified in the contract.
Documents required to open an account;
For the legal representative (parents): valid identification document, copy of the declaration of place of residence (CIPS).
For the guardian: the decision of the social welfare center appointing the guardian, a valid identification document, a copy of the application on the place of residence (CIPS).
For a minor: birth certificate or a copy of a valid identification document, CIPS application form for a minor.

Can an account be opened for a non-resident legal entity?

A non-resident legal entity can open an account in ZiraatBank BH d.d. The application for opening an account and the list of necessary documents can be found at this link. For additional information, contact the nearest ZiraatBank BH d.d. branch.

How is it possible to open a foreign currency account for people who are not already in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The business relationship between the Bank and the client can only be established after the client's identity has been verified and the relevant documentation has been obtained. In order for a natural person/person to open an account, it is necessary to be physically present in the Bank

What documents and conditions do legal entities need to open an account?

You can find the application for opening an account and the list of necessary documents at this link: For additional information, contact the nearest branch of ZiraatBank BH d.d.

What is the time deposit closing procedure for real persons?

You can close your time deposit by contacting our branches at the end of the maturity date and transfer it to your current account or renew the maturity period.

What is the procedure for closing accounts for corporate firms?

In order to close the account of a legal entity, it is required to apply to the relevant Branch with a petition regarding the request to close, to pay the unpaid debts to the Bank, and to give a money transfer order to another bank if there is a balance in the account. If the Company's Main Account is to be closed, a document stating that the Main Account has been opened in another commercial bank must be submitted.

Can I check my account/card/credit balance by phone, email or social media?

In order to protect the security of your personal information, we cannot grant you access to your account/card/credit balance through relevant channels. You can find out your data in a safe and fast way using our mobile banking

Can I delegate someone else to use my account?

Based on the power of attorney given by the customer, it is possible to authorize third parties to perform all or certain transactions related to the use of the account, provided that the scope of the power of attorney is defined by the contract. The power of attorney must be certified by authorized institutions (municipality, notary public). The power of attorney cannot be transferred to third parties. For details, contact our branches.

I want to close my time account early. What to do?

Depending on your contract, the terms for early termination of the term savings contract are set out in each term savings contract. For more information on contract termination,please visit our nearest branch.

Is saving in Ziraat Bank BH d.d. sure?

Deposits placed in Ziraat Bank BH d.d. they are insured with the Deposit Insurance Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently, the maximum amount of the insured deposit together with the calculated interest, which is paid by the Deposit Insurance Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, per depositor per bank, is the appropriate deposit minus the legal or contractual debt of the depositor to the bank, up to 50,000 convertible marks.

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