Money Transfer

I want to know my IBAN.

If you have a foreign currency account with ZiraatBank BH dd, please contact the nearest branch of the Bank to get information about your IBAN number.

Do you broker cryptocurrency transactions?

No, ZiraatBank BH dd does not mediate cryptocurrency transactions.

What are the options and procedures for cashing checks at your bank?

Ziraatbank BH dd cashes checks in EUR. To cash a check, you must have an open currency account. Each check received is first sent for verification/collection and only after collateral is received by the issuing bank, payment is made by check in favor of the foreign exchange account.

How can I find out my SWIFT bank code and IBAN for foreign currency transfers?

The IBAN number consists of 20 alphanumeric characters, the first two characters are the BIH country code (BA) according to the ISO 3166 standard, the other two characters are the control code (39) calculated according to the ISO 7064 standard, and the next 16 characters are the foreign currency account number. For example: BA39186XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. ZıraatBank BH dd SWIFT code is TZBBBA22XXX.

I want to know the transaction account number to which bulk payments can be made and the e-mail address to which lists can be sent.

The account transaction number to which you can send money for a lump sum payment (salary, suspension, etc.) is as follows: 1860001090186031 The e-mail address to which you can send a list for bulk payments is

What should I do to transfer money from my ZiraatBank BH dd account to an account opened abroad?

In order to transfer foreign currency abroad, you must first have a foreign currency account at ZiraatBank BH dd. Our bank's digital banking users can transfer foreign currency abroad via our mobile/internet banking. If you are not a digital banking user, you can transfer foreign currency from the nearest ZiraatBank BH branch.

I want to do forex and arbitrage What are your commissions and terms?

For all foreign exchange information, you can contact your nearest ZiraatBank BH dd branch. You can also access the exchange rate list of the bank, where you can see the exchange rates for that day on our Bank's website. All currencies listed in the official exchange rate list of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina can be converted at all our branches.

Is it possible to replace damaged money in ZiraatBank BH dd branches?

You can exchange your damaged, worn out BAM banknotes at any branch of ZiraatBank BH dd.

Do you have an online payment tool for betting?

No, we do not have an online payment tool for betting.

Which currencies are available for conversion at ZiraatBank BH dd branches?

In all branches of ZiraatBank BH d.d. all currencies listed on the official exchange rate list of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina can be converted.

Is there a commission for foreign currency conversions at Ziraat Bank branches?

No conversion commission is charged for the conversion of all foreign currencies (except the EUR currency). The conversion is done according to the bank's official buying or selling rates for that day. When buying/selling EUR currency, the bank performs the conversion at a fixed exchange rate of EUR 1.95583 with a commission for buying/selling EUR currency. Details for conversions can be found in the bank's service tariff, which is available on our website

Can payments be made abroad in currencies other than EUR and USD?

Our bank has open nostro accounts in the following currencies:
You can make uninterrupted payments in the currencies specified abroad. We would also like to remind you that Ziraat Bank BH dd is the only commercial bank in BiH that can send foreign currency in more than 120 currencies worldwide. In order to transfer money in the currencies you have specified, you must have a foreign exchange account opened at our Bank. In case of payment in any of the specified currencies, the customer's account will be debited in EUR currency equivalent. The same applies to foreign currency purchases, which will be deposited in EUR to the customer's account with a certain currency parity on the date determined by the correspondent. The said payment is made via Deutsche Bank AG London with the FX4Cash option offered by our Bank.

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