I would like to request a donation/sponsorship.

Please send your donation/sponsorship request to the e-mail address marketing@ziraatbank.ba

What should I do to buy a property from your bank?

You can contact us by e-mail naplata@ziraatbank.ba or call us at +387 33 955 068 / +387 33 951 169 to get information about the real estates acquired by our bank during the collection process.

What are the required documents and fees for safe deposit box services?

To use the safe deposit box service you must have your ID and CIPS application no older than 6 months and fees vary depending on the 6 or 12 month rental period. You can find detailed information about fees at the link below: https://www.ziraatbank.ba/Documents/Category/ZFG_BOSNA_tarifnik-usluga-banke-za-fizicka-lica-bos-01-01- 2022-sa-izmjenama-od-06-07-2022-pdf_178.pdf

I want to submit a job offer for branches and ATMs.

Please send your offer to rent a place for a branch or ATM by e-mail to the e-mail address informace@ziraatbank.ba

I would like to receive information about your current retail loan campaigns.

For detailed information, you can review our campaigns from the link below or apply to the nearest branch of our Bank. https://www.ziraatbank.ba/bs/akcije

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