ZiraatBank BH dd provides you with the possibility to install POS terminals in your points of sale. Our Bank offers the fastest and easiest solutions.

Our POS terminal is a system which accepts all VISA cards (VISA Classic, VISA Electron, VISA Debit and VISA Plus), EUROCARD/MASTERCARD (Eurocard/Mastercard, Maestro, Cirrus, Europay), and other debit and credit cards.

Through a unique communication system, all transactions are authorized within just five seconds.

In order to install a POS terminal you should have at least one phone line - preferably a direct phone line intended for a POS terminal. If you have only one line your regular phone set can be connected parallel with the POS terminal, which has a special socket for this purpose. POS system can be connected to most PABX systems, where external line is reached by entering specific numbers.

Required documents:

  • Court Registration document, or other relevent entity
  • Federal Statistics Institute announcement about classification according to business activities
  • ID card copy and CIPS application, or passport copy of the authorized person.