Divide Into Installments Payment

Dividing transactions into installments via the ZiraatBank BH mobile application
Credit card users are allowed to divide into installments payment transactions for goods and services (including internet transactions) made at POS terminals of other banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. 
The user can divide into installments all one-time booked transactions in the amount of 100 KM and over (up to the amount of the available credit card limit), which were not previously divided into installments. 

The number of installments into which it is possible to divide the executed transactions is from 2 to 12 installments.
Posted transactions can be divided within the current statement. Splitting into installments is possible only with cards whose status is active. The option to pay in installments is only available for transactions that are eligible for installments. 

The division into installments is done through the ZiraatBank BH Mobile application.
On the screen, the user selects the number of installments into which he wants to divide the transaction, and depending on the choice, he receives information about the amount of the installment and the associated fee, which is borne by the card user in accordance with the current tariff. Once the installment number is defined, it is not possible to change it later. Transactions that are subject to repayment in installments, plus a fee, are due monthly until the amount is paid in full.

For more information, visit the nearest ZiraatBank branch or contact us through the web contact form at www.ziraatbank.ba  / customer communication center 081920088
*Payment in installments does not apply to payments via virtual card or for additional users.