Vision Mission


is to follow the changes in the economic conjuncture at the national and global level, with the aim of quickly and efficiently fulfilling the needs of the real sector and retail clients and to support a sustainable future, with our perspective focused on innovation and development, to create and highlight values for clients, employees, our Bank and for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in this way we will take the title of "regional power".


is that in order to fulfill today's economic and social needs, we contribute to the development of the economic and banking sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina with strong and sustainable financial performance, and that through communication focused on solutions and results, using technical skills and experience, we increase the living standards of the country's citizens, playing a leading role in strengthening commercial ties and increasing global investments, especially in Turkey and countries in the region, all in accordance with the goals and strategies of the parent Bank, and in accordance with the principles of sustainable strong financial performance to develop banking based on human resources and economy.


is that environmental and social factors are reflected both in the Bank's activities and in the lending mechanism, and in accordance with the strategy of Banking focused on respect for people and the environment, to provide support for development-oriented investments.


• Client satisfaction

• Fast and quality service

• Sustainability

• Innovation and development

• Digitization

• Dynamism