Internet Banking - Corporate (Ziraat e-Bank)

New generation of internet banking Ziraat e-Bank!

Fast and secure transactions from anywhere! 

Easy and practical access to banking services.


The functionalities of Corporate mobile application are:

- Check the balance and changes in the Bank's accounts;
- Check the Bank's term deposits;
- Check the balance of loan parties in the Bank;
- Check for completed payment orders;
- Execution of payment orders within the Bank,
- Execution of payment orders to other Banks
- Execution of international payment orders;
- Review, entering and signing orders
- Multiple signing;
- Review of the exchange rate list;
- Currency conversion;
- Loan calculator, savings calculator, exchange calculator
- Creating payment templates;
- Registration of recipients for easier payment orders;
- Overview of the last 3 statements for business credit cards;
- Payment to business credit card;
- Review of the current statement for business credit cards;
- Review of reservations for business credit cards;
- Overview of overdue annuities for business credit cards
- Insight into other information about the Bank (telephone numbers, branch addresses, working hours, ATM addresses, etc.)
- Management of multiple companies within the same application

We continue to improve and enhance the quality of our services.