International Money Transfers

International payment operations are executed through the accounts of the ZiraatBank BH dd and correspondent banks abroad. It is our pleasure to offer you our services ensuring that all payments received from abroad are credited to your account on the same date.

ZiraatBank BH dd provides quick,reliable and secure transfer of funds to other countries from foreign currency accounts of the bank's clients. Transffering funds to other countries may be realized by holders of foreign currency accounts in accordance with the Foreign Currency Transactions Law of FBIH as well as other Guidlines issued by the Bank or competent institutions with secured cover and paid ,based on expenses of family support,gifts,assistance and payment of goods and services with presentation of required documentation.

As of 2003 customers of ZiraatBank BH dd, apart from the classical banking, have been provided with the possibility to use our e-banking services for fast and efficient payment operations.

We are offering simple and reliable banking with us 24 hours a day, all seven days a week, without need to come to teh bank.

Note! It is important to deliver your IBAN account number in ZiraatBank BH dd to your business partners for the purpose of international payments.