Foreign Exchange -SWIFT

Make Your Foreign Transfers Secured!

Foreign transfers may be made at any one of our branches using SWIFT or Western Union.

(Details on Western Union are provided in the Western Union section.)

The account number / IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of the recipient is necessary for foreign transfers.

The details below must be provided accurately and in full for your transfer to take place without delay and for payment to be made to the recipient. This information may be provided using the Foreign Currency Transfer Request Form.

Necessary elements for a transfer

  • Sender Name and Surname
  • Sender Address and Telephone Number
  • Recipient Name and Surname
  • Recipient Address
  • Recipient Account Number / IBAN
  • Recipient Bank Name, Code (Fedwire, BLZ, Sort Code etc.), and SWIFT code
  • Reason for Transfer
  • Foreign Transfer Charges Payee (Sender / Recipient)

In European Union member states the IBAN is used instead of the account number. For transfers to these countries, ask the recipient for the IBAN of his or her account.

IBAN numbers start with the international country (traffic) code and comprise differing numbers of letters and digits.

Where the net amount is to be delivered to the recipient, the receiving bank charges are also paid by or deducted from the account of the sender in addition to the transfer charge stated above.

Make transfers from abroad to accounts at our bank.

Foreign transfers may be made to our bank from any bank in your location or through our branches or affiliate banks.

Our Bank's SWIFT Code

The SWIFT code (BIC code) of our bank is TZBBBA22.

Necessary elements for a transfer

The following elements are necessary in foreign transfers for their payment to their recipients without delay.

  • Sender Name and Surname
  • Sender Address
  • Recipient Name and Surname
  • IBAN or Recipient Account Number

About IBAN

The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) system in use by European Union member states was adopted by Bosnia And Herzegovina in 2007. On that date transition was made to the IBAN system and IBAN transfers started to directly reach customer accounts at our branches.

Providing an IBAN on transfers sent to our bank is of great importance in the speed and security of the service we provide to our customers.

  • IBANs  are comprised of 26 characters, including the BA affix.
  • If you do not know your IBAN, apply to your nearest branch.

Open a Ziraat account with a foreign transfer.


The charge on transfers sent from abroad is the charge demanded by the sending bank in its own right. Transfers are registered on the account in the amount of funds sent, with a commission charged at the rates detailed under the Pricing list heading at the time that the customer wishes to effectively take receipt of the transfer.

Where the transfer is recorded as payable in the net amount, effective payment commission is